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Anita Hill “Loved” Kerry Washington’s Dignity and Emotion in “Confirmation”

Premiere Of HBO Films' 'Confirmation' - Arrivals

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With HBOs Confirmation debuting on April 16 and the 25th anniversary of Anita Hill testifying against then-SCOTUS nominee Clarence Thomas, Hill has been giving a slew of interviews with the press. One of such was with Essence Magazine.

The Brandeis University professor sat down with professor and Black scholar Melissa Harris Perry to talk about Kerry Washington’s performance, those Senate hearings about being sexually harassed and her journey since those polarizing hearings.

On Washington’s performance:

“I loved her dignity and emotion. She appeared a lot more dignified than I felt during that moment, but she still lost nothing in terms of how painful the experience was. That is hard to convey, but she did it beautifully.”

On the need to talk about the violence that Black women face:

“We didn’t grow up hearing the stories of African-American women suffering when their families were destroyed. We didn’t hear their point of view. I think that’s why the lynching metaphor was effective in 1991, because Black women didn’t know our own stories. We did not claim a clear political or social identity in terms of what had happened to us all those years in the context of racial and sexual violence.”

On how race and gender impacted the Senate hearings:

“Those members of Congress had never even considered that Black women had our own political voice. They assumed that Black men spoke for us. For an African-American woman to have her own political voice and own political position, and to believe that our perspective should be added to the conversation, was just something they hadn’t even considered.”

Read the Essence interview in its entirety here.

DC Police Relaunch Investigation For Missing Girl Relisha Rudd

According to CBS news, Washington D.C. police have began a new search for missing 8-year old Relisha Rudd.

Rudd, who was living in a homeless shelter with her mother, went missing in 2014. She was last scene with Khalil Tatum, the shelter’s janitor. Police later found Tatum’s wife shot dead in a motel room and Tatum dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot in a shed in a nearby park. Sadly, there was no sign of Rudd.

Yet, police told CBS DC affiliate that they recently received a tip on where Rudd may be and are searching for her at the National Arboretum in northeast Washington. Police Chief Cathy Lanier refused to elaborate on the details of the tip, but said, “It’s not uncommon for people to provide information that they’ve had for long periods of time that they didn’t provide initially.

Lanier said they would be looking for her during the next two days and will also search the water in the park. More than 60 federal and local police are searching the grounds with canines. However, according to CBS, while this location is directly across the street from the hotel where Rudd was last scene, this is the first time police have searched this area.

Jackson, MS Mayor Says Despite Anti-LGBT Bill, His City Will Not Discriminate

African American Lesbian Couple Embracing Touching

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Jackson, Mississippi is one city in its state that is not here for the new controversial religious freedom bill that Gov. Phil Bryant signed on Tuesday. To confront this discriminatory bill, lawmakers in Jackson passed a resolution that emphasizes on the importance of diversity, acceptance and inclusion in their city, the Jackson Free Press reported.

“As a predominantly black city in Mississippi, the Jackson community has endured racism, discrimination and injustice over the years. We are Mississippi’s capital city, and as part of our declaration of being the ‘Bold New City,’ we will not discriminate against any individual because of race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation, nor do we support legislation that allows for such discrimination,” Mayor Tony Yarber said in a statement sent to the press.

Ward 6 Councilman Tyrone Hendrix, author of the resolution, added, “We know we are a city of diversity. This resolution is to tell the world that regardless of what our governor, our state agencies, our state Legislature may have passed, the City of Jackson wants you here, regardless of what color you are, regardless of your sexual orientation, regardless of what gender you are, we want you here in Jackson,”

HB 1523, which passed in the state House with a 69-45 vote, allows for government employees and private businesses cite religious beliefs to deny services to same-sex couples who want to marry, the Free Press noted.

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