Trump Is A Candidate Who “Doesn’t Need To Figure Out What’s Going On”

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Donald Trump does not need to know what’s going on in and around the world in order to respond to it.

Trump’s new campaign chair Paul Manafort confirmed this as fact during a recent interview on NBC’s Meet the Press Saturday.

Manafort’s appearance on the political show was supposed to be an opportunity for the newly promoted campaign head to tout “The Donald’s” strengths.

“And the good thing is we have a candidate who doesn’t need to figure out what’s going on in order to say what he wants to do,” Manafort told NBC’s Chuck Todd.

The GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee is supposed to have the unique and innate ability to “speak off the cuff, even when seemingly uninformed on the topic.”

What do you think about Manafort’s comments? Sound off below.



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