Fred Hammond says, Kanye West‘s support of Donald Trump is not an issue for him as a Christian.  He said they never discussed politics when working on Kanye’s new album, “Jesus Is King”. Fred said, he is brushing off the negative comments that he may get for working with Kanye, just like he did when […]

  President Donald Trump told lawmakers  he wants to scrap a pay raise for civilian federal workers, saying the nation’s budget couldn’t support it.  80% of Federal Civillian Workers live in the DMV so this one decision will affect our region more than any other region in the United States. In a letter to House and […]

Donald Trump sat down African-American pastors at the White House today to talk about initiatives surrounding the Black community and Prison reform. Faith leaders include Bishop Harry Jackson of the Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Pastor John Gray of Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina, Pastor Paula White New Destiny Christian Center, in Apopka, Florida and […]

An all-out global military conflict became a much stronger possibility after President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal.

President Donald Trump considers granting Johnson, who was convicted by a Jim Crow court, a posthumous pardon.

Omarosa Manigault-Newman is on “Celebrity Big Brother” and has already not only managed to cry, but try to make friends.


CJ Pearson is challenging his fellow Black conservatives for the title of the most mind-blowingly misguided cape-wearer for the president in existence.

The Area

Rev. Maurice Watson made a bold statement about the vulgar words of Donald Trump right in front of the Vice President of the United States. Rev. Watson got a standing ovation during his sermon at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Largo, Maryland after blasting Trump’s “s***h*** comments directed towards Haiti and African nations while VP […]


As expected, #45 couldn’t wait to give his opinion on the prospect of Oprah Winfrey running for president in 2020—and it’s exactly what you’d expect from him. Seeing as no one is better than him at anything and he has the uncanny ability to succeed at unprecedented high levels at all things, naturally Donald Trump […]

Omarosa could redeem her sunken self by telling special counsel Bob Mueller everything she knows about her former boss' alleged Russian collusion.

Florida Representative Frederica Wilson accused President Trump of calling militar widow, “You knew what you signed up for… but when it happens, it hurts anyway.” Follow Us on Twitter: In an interview with Rev. Al Sharpton, Wilson recounts that car ride with the wife of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, who was killed in Niger […]