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Former California Inmate Says Guard Sexually Assaulted Her For Six Months, Jail Did Nothing 


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A woman, who was formally incarcerated, is suing a prison guard and the California department of corrections and rehabilitation. In a recent interview with The Guardian, DeEtta Williams, 45, said that officer Michael Ewell raped her daily for six months while state officials “[knew] and just [didn’t] bother” to do anything about it.

“I still have nightmares and panic attacks. I take medicine twice a day for my anxiety and my post traumatic stress. I don’t know if it will ever get easier,” she explained. “It’s still fresh. Maybe someday I’ll be able to block it out, but now I can’t. And because he knows so much about me, I wonder if he’ll come after me.”

According to her federal lawsuit, “Officer Ewell had a history of sexually assaulting women, a history well known to CDC.”

In September of 2013, Ewell was accused of sexually assaulting “a fellow CDC officer, [and] was inexplicably transferred to a women’s prison. He was assigned his own unit to supervise, giving him unfettered access and power over the female prisoners in his unit,” the document said.

Williams said that Ewell would make unwanted lewd comments about her body, take pictures of her and even come in her cell in the wee hours of the morning to touch and kiss her against her will. As months passed, he had her transferred to cleaning prison bathrooms in order to gain better access to her. And during this time, his behavior escalated to slapping, raping and choking her.

He even forced Williams to perform oral sex on him and threatened her children.

“Who could I tell? Once I was violated, I didn’t feel safe. Being violated by your peers is one thing. You expect it in prison. Being violated by staff, by someone in authority, it takes a whole different turn to everything,” she told the news outlet.

Her abuse stopped when told the warden, but Williams still ended up in the psych ward, where she was later paroled from. Williams currently lives at home with her wife and their disabled son.

Williams, who also has 19-year-old twins in college, was arrested in 1997 for aiding and abetting voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 18 years in prison, The Guardian noted.

Spelman College to Consider Admitting Transgender Women

Howard University

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The prestigious all-girls HBCU is considering admitting transgender female students in the near future.

According to Atlanta Journal Constitution, Spelman College President Mary Schmidt Campbell announced in a school-wide welcome letter that the topic is being discussed among a task force that will provide the college recommendations.

“Ingrid Hayes, vice president for Enrollment Management will convene a task force that makes a recommendation to the president on the admission and enrollment of transgender students,” the note said.

As the AJC pointed out, Spelman is the latest of the nation’s prestigious women’s colleges to deliberate whether or not they should admit trans students into their class body. Currently, all of the U.S. women’s colleges dubbed the “Seven Sisters” have policies that do.

This is one of two new task forces the college has created. The other one focuses on emergency planning that will help “develop a set of protocols and procedures for students, faculty and staff to follow in the event of an emergency,” AJC wrote.

But Why? An Entire Black Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, Endorse Donald Trump

File this one under “Makes absolutely no sense” news.

An entire African-American church in Charlotte, N.C., has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, telling CNN that Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is “reckless” and will actually harm the community the church serves.

Members of Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries believe that under Bill Clinton’s 1994 “three strikes” crime bill too many African-American men were incarcerated, which resulted in crippling Black families, EurWeb noted.

“We want to break away from more of the same,” says Katrina Rodgers, daughter of Pastor Thomas Rodgers Sr.

But why is Trump a better choice?

“I think that she is very dangerous and reckless and her past track record is a great indication that she is not fit to lead this country—or any other country,” Rodgers Sr. told CNN.

Part of this unheard of endorsement took place at a church town hall hosted by Trump’s daughter-in-law and reality star Omarosa Manigault, who is currently Trump’s Director of African American Outreach.

We understand that folks may not be enthusiastic about Clinton succeeding President Obama, but to try to sell Trump as the Black community’s savior might be doing the absolute much.

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