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Rep. Maxine Waters

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It’s not a secret that since the presidential campaign, Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) has been a perpetual thorn in Donald Trump’s side—a thorn that has no intention of loosening any time soon. She’s clearly in it to win it and doesn’t care how petty she has to be in order to get her point across that our current president is truly “illegitimate.”

On Tuesday, the day after FBI Director James Comey’s testimony at the House Intelligence Committee hearing on Russia’s influence on the 2016 election, Water got her Twitter fingers together to tell #45 and her followers that his time in office may end sooner than his four-year term.

“Get ready for impeachment,” she wrote.

Now it’s not clear what Waters is referring to as to what would be the grounds for Trump’s potential impeachment, but she has been crystal clear that she believes that Trump and his cronies are “scumbags” who colluded with Russia to influence the election. She also has issues with Comey, who last month after a classified meeting with him gave her infamous “no credibility” press conference.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, on Monday she also released a two paragraph statement on the House Intelligence Committee hearing where she stressed that Comey “bears some responsibility, along with the Russians, in adding to the confusion and misinformation campaign that led to the election of Donald Trump.

Granted this isn’t the first time that she has dangled around the word “impeachment” when referring to Trump’s legacy as president.

On Sunday as a guest on MSNBC’s AM Joy, she told host Joy Reid that once the evidence of #45’s corruption is revealed even the Republicans who support him will be forced to distance themselves and do what’s right for the country.

Wow is right!


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