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North Carolina church is changing the game with an attraction that could bring in church folks far and wide!

Elevation Church presents to you the baptism water slide!

That’s right.

Elevation combines the fun of Six Flags with the sanctity of the Lord’s house thanks to a slide that stretches from the church balcony down to a small baptismal pool below.

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Larry Hubatka, the Creative Pastor and chief architect of the church, said the slide will hopefully allow baptisms to go faster and with more people. They’re now dubbing “Baptism Sundays” as “Splashtism Sundays.”

Oh, and the slide was unveiled from behind a large curtain as the worship band started playing TLC‘s “Waterfalls.”Well okay then!

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People would be directed one-by-one into the orange entrance of the slide and then, with a push, they would slide down into the baptismal pool. Their screams and thrills are meant to represent Jesus’ death, then when they emerged from the water, they would be “resurrected.”

Church officials would stand by the slide and speedily say the phrase, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,” or else, according to Hubatka, it wouldn’t count. “If we can’t count some of these baptisms because someone didn’t utter the right words, or because someone’s head wasn’t completely submerged, then what’s the point,” he said.

While some folks might be all about this Sunday fun, other believers might still go the traditional route. One person who tried the baptism slide was visiting the church for the first time. When asked if he’d return, he said, “No. I think I’ll stick to the rivers and the lakes that I’m used to.”


And in case you were wondering…

Yes, Elevation Church has already broken its record for the most baptisms in a single Sunday.

God’s plan.

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