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I received a phone call maybe two months ago from my nephew. “Hi auntie, pop is going to be mad at me but I feel that you have a right to know.” Now, you can imagine how badly I wanted to know what was going on. “What is it?” “Pop was in the hospital for 4 days. He was diagnosed with diabetes, he didn’t want you know.” Well, now the cat is out of the bag. So my brother finally called me. “Hello.” So I tried to play it cool. “Hello, what’s new with you?” Can you believe he said, “nothing.” Then he said, “I have type 2 diabetes.”  He proceeded to tell me the details of his hospital stay and the symptoms that he had experienced. During this conversation he told me that his blood sugar was 900. He said the doctor was in complete shock that he was coherent and having a conversation. In fact,he said the doctor just stared at him for a few seconds before treatment in disbelief that he wasn’t comatosed or worse. So part of his daily treatment is pills and 2 injections. Fast forward to present date; my brother has started running again, changed his diet, loss weight. My brother says that he feels completely fine. So much so that he has stopped taking injections on his own but continues taking pills. His last doctor’s visit he dropped a bombshell on the physician when he confessed that he had stopped taking the injections and told him how long it had been since taking injections. Again, the physician was shocked and said,” I’ve only witnessed 2 people that were diabetic that doesn’t need medication amymore.” Then, the doctor said,”  I will take you off of the injections but you’ve got to show me something before I take you off of the pills.” When my brother shared this story with me I had NO DOUBT that the great physician, God healed my brother There is no doubt that in the near future my brother will make a full recovery and this will be his testimony of God’s healing power. Let me just say that this is his experience and by no means am I suggesting to stop medication. I just want you to be encouraged and know that God  is in control of every aspect of our lives.