About Shae Stone

I started my career at a small country station in Marion, S.C. where I
spun records out of a mobile home turned radio station. It was there that my radio career of over 20yrs started. Since then, I’ve worked in 4 states
in the southeast covering 5markets to include Norfolk, Va,, Wilmington,
N.C., Greenville, N.C., Florence, S.C., and Savannah, Ga. and working various formats alongside major market program directors who taught me major market radio. Also meeting and befriending the legendary Doug Banks, who always had kind words of advice prepared me for a long, exciting and rewarding career. Interviewing people from all walks of life from Queen Latifah to the former Commander in Chief President Clinton to listeners in the local community. I am overjoyed and honored to be working in the 6th market of my career, again with an excellent program director who afforded me the opportunity to work in the DMV.

This is my year! I have substance of things hoped for; for the things of evidence not seen. That simply means that I have faith. This is a brand new year and my strength is renewed. My faith is activated and decrees are released into this atmosphere. I can’t contain it, as you can tell, […]

What is your agenda? Seems to me that various groups pushing their agenda is at an all time high. An agenda for this, an agenda for that, but why aren’t we being shown the agenda for God’s people being   pushed in equal fashion? I mean seriously, why is that? I’m still waiting for the answer. […]

It never ceases to amaze me what our heavenly father can do. Nevertheless, every time I hear of divine intervention and God making the crooked way straight, I rejoice like it’s the very first time I’ve heard of a miracle. It also serves as a reminder that if he made the impossible possible for someone […]

God is moving greatly in the lives of his people which is all the more the reason to bless the Lord at all times. He and his word is faithful and won’t return void. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the miracles that God has performed and of course, these great works are […]

Miracles happen in Maryland too. Just ask 13 yr.old Darius Foreman. This young man was within a millimeter from bleeding to death but God did the impossible yet again and spared his life. While building a tree house he fell and knocked over a board that happened to have a 6″ screw in it that […]

Keeping with the spirit of Christ-mas, it’s only befitting to talk about the miracles. There hasn’t been a virgin to have immaculate conception before or after Christ the King but that certainly hasn’t stopped the move of God in demonstrating his awesome and amazing power. I can’t even imagine giving birth to a preemie, 1 […]

When I heard about the little 11 year old girl from Texas whose brain tumor disappeared I jumped for pure joy. If you don’t believe there is a God after that, then I don’t know what to tell you. The news was all over this miracle story as they should have been. A testimony is […]

As the end of the year approaches, the closer we are to the start of something grand. I’m pretty confident of this and I speak with all certainty. You can even call it a prophecy if you like. I know this because many of us have laid down the foundation in 2018, some call it […]

Yep, you read it right. Two Catholic nuns steals a half a million dollars and hit the casino. Now, that’s what I call thieves in the temple! Dang, that sounds like something from a movie doesn’t it? Well, let’s back up a bit, these sisters worked at a school and apparently the partners in crime […]

Well, this newly released Women’s Bible has ruffled quite a few feathers. The group of women theologians who wrote this bible, says that the women in the traditional bible are prostitutes, servants or saints and that isn’t the correct interpretation of these women from the bible. This apparently has struck a nerve with some. Now, […]

Sometimes the challenges that we face are difficult and sometimes insurmountable but I am here to let you know that now is not the time to give up. You are closer than you think to a breakthrough of astronomical proportions. You haven’t gotten this far in life merely on a whim. There is a divine […]

I received a phone call maybe two months ago from my nephew. “Hi auntie, pop is going to be mad at me but I feel that you have a right to know.” Now, you can imagine how badly I wanted to know what was going on. “What is it?” “Pop was in the hospital for […]