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Pastor of the Month August

Source: Melissa Wade / Melissa Wade

God is moving greatly in the lives of his people which is all the more the reason to bless the Lord at all times. He and his word is faithful and won’t return void. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the miracles that God has performed and of course, these great works are miraculous and second to none. I read an article about a 19 month old toddler climbing his way up a flight of stairs. Now, before you think he should be doing that anyway for his age, this little one has only has one leg. Yes, this baby’s leg was amputated as a result of pregnancy complications which resulted in a blood clot in his leg. Not only that, but this baby also has a twin so I know this mother and father was elated to see their baby walking up stairs all on his own. His father was on the stairs as well for support but this child did not need his parent to help him at all which was clearly demonstrated. As if that wasn’t a miracle within itself, this was a 30 week pregnancy so this baby and his twin bother are preemies! According to his parents their child was crawling at 6 months and walking on his prosthetic leg a 1yr. old. Blessed be the name of the Lord.