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Couple choosing Christmas wreath

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Keeping with the spirit of Christ-mas, it’s only befitting to talk about the miracles. There hasn’t been a virgin to have immaculate conception before or after Christ the King but that certainly hasn’t stopped the move of God in demonstrating his awesome and amazing power. I can’t even imagine giving birth to a preemie, 1 pound 6oz. and to be told that your baby has a 1% chance of surviving. This helpless, innocent infant had an intestinal tract that worked at a 2% capacity.  The doctors told the parents that their precious baby boy will die. The parents bracing themselves begin planning a funeral. But then, my most powerful messiah said you will live and not die! In a week’s time this baby started to improve. Doctor’s performed surgery and shared a miraculous news. Little baby Rowan had substantially more than a mere 2% of viable intestines. Doctors also said the baby needed a couple of treatments and medication. So, go ahead and ask where the baby is today? My answer to that is this now 8 month old baby is spending his very first Christmas at home. That’s something to shout about right there. You and I both know that only God can make the impossible possible and the crooked way straight.  He is no respect of persons so if he did it for that family, he will do it for you and me. Be encouraged and don’t give up.  Another testimony that we are in the season of miracles. Merry Christ-mas.