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Crucifixion of Christ

Source: J.R. Davis / WPRS

What is your agenda? Seems to me that various groups pushing their agenda is at an all time high. An agenda for this, an agenda for that, but why aren’t we being shown the agenda for God’s people being   pushed in equal fashion? I mean seriously, why is that? I’m still waiting for the answer. If you’re asuming that I’m a bit perturbed about being imposed upon by the program of others, then your assumption is spot on! Im not subscribing to nor do I intend to follow the itenary of others whose beliefs, in my opinion, are warped and blasphemed. Why am I so pissed off? There seems to be a coup d’ etat so to speak against God’s people spreading with the fury of an inferno.  I saw the article about the new  satanic student’s group at NC State. This group has said that they haven’t received significant opposition, in fact, this group has said the overall summation on campus is that of a “live and let live” attitude. That attitude is what I take issue with. You mean to tell me there is no one standing boldly for the Lord on that campus? Really? They’re just going to cower down to this elephant in the room. There is no way that I would subscribe or follow the itenerary of others with these warped, blasphemed belief systems. I understand that we are living in a day in which we are walking a fine line between offensive and freedom of speech. Nowadays, the choices are very limited. It’s almost as if you must remain silent if you disagree with a particular group pushing an agenda that you disagree with. If you decide to express your disapproval you run the risk of being ostracized. In this day of social media someone will create a new phobic term that will end up being a cruel intended meme at your expense. The Satanic Students at NC State have devised their mission statement into 5 points. The very first statement : Encourage benovalance and empathy among all people. Their first campaign, “Menstruatin’ with Satan”, distributes feminine hygeine products. Is it just me or does that sound like a blood sacrafice to Satan? I could go on and on about this as I am very opinionated. My final word : WAKE UP AND SEE THIS FOR WHAT IT IS! Wide is the gate and broad is the way. Some of us “Christians” will bust hell wide open too!