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Well, this newly released Women’s Bible has ruffled quite a few feathers. The group of women theologians who wrote this bible, says that the women in the traditional bible are prostitutes, servants or saints and that isn’t the correct interpretation of these women from the bible. This apparently has struck a nerve with some. Now, these theologians are being referred to as ” angry women”. I can’t lie, you know as well as I that some folks use the bible to perpetuate a superiority complex and domination over others. That’s nothing new. Furthermore,I agree that people misinterpret the bible for their own agenda, even before the emancipation proclamation. I find it particularly refreshing to see a different interpretation and approach as it relates to women in the bible. I see no reason to be in an uproar over this bible. Just as long as there is nothing added or taken away from the word of God, unfortunately with various bibles on the market there is bound to be words added or left out. An interesting mention of Mary Magdalene and Martha is what stood out to me, especially Mary Magdalene. I see no reason to call the theologians who wrote the Women’s Bible angry at all. Most likely I won’t purchase this bible for no other reason than I enjoy the KJV and read it exclusively. Of course, I don’t just crack open the bible and start reading. I ask for understand and wisdom to interpret what I read in the manner in which God wants me to receive the information. But overall, I’m not mad about this new bible but I’m curious to know what you think.