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Sunny days make for sunny smiles

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As the end of the year approaches, the closer we are to the start of something grand. I’m pretty confident of this and I speak with all certainty. You can even call it a prophecy if you like. I know this because many of us have laid down the foundation in 2018, some call it sowing seeds so hopefully our seeds weren’t sown sparingly. We want to reap abundantly just like the good book says. God wants us to prosper just as our soul prospers. What scripture is that anyway? I just hope that we have the stamina to fight the good fight of faith after we’ve put in the work. Please don’t give up now, we have come to far to turn around and we are closer than we think to victory. Just remember all of the things that you have already survived so far in life but each and every time we rise above it, we stumble but don’t fall.  Our strength is renewed like that of an eagle, feet like hinds feet to set upon high places. We run and not get weary, walk and not faint. We are on the cusp of something huge, great blessings are within our reach. Don’t give up because that is not an option