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Stethoscope and EKG Representing Cardiac Checkup

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It never ceases to amaze me what our heavenly father can do. Nevertheless, every time I hear of divine intervention and God making the crooked way straight, I rejoice like it’s the very first time I’ve heard of a miracle. It also serves as a reminder that if he made the impossible possible for someone else my miracle is on the way as well. When I heard about the woman who was near death after contracting a bacterial infection during her pregnancy, immediately I reflected back on my own pregnancy which was no fun but pales in comparison to the hardship this woman overcame. Although it seemed insurmountable it was no match for our God. Emergency C- section, blood pressure drops so low that baby’s heartbeat is undectable,organs shutting down, womb filling with pus. To us humans, we see a bleak or virtually non existant future with no hope in sight. But, God, this is nothing at all to worry about, if only we humans can just learn to trust in him. It’s easier said than done sometimes right? But we do have a mighty God that we serve and his mercy endureth forever. Feel free to check out the article for yourself.