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Miracles happen in Maryland too. Just ask 13 yr.old Darius Foreman. This young man was within a millimeter from bleeding to death but God did the impossible yet again and spared his life. While building a tree house he fell and knocked over a board that happened to have a 6″ screw in it that lodged directly in his skull. So, now this 13yr old has a 5′ board stuck to his head. If that isn’t enough, medics arrived only to find out that  they couldn’t even put him in the ambulance until they cut the board down to 2′. But in a case like this, an ambulance just won’t do.

Now you and I both know that we have an on time God. Thank God for the neurosurgeons at John Hopkins where he was airlifted  because they truly performed a miracle in this young man’s life. Although he had a blood clot removed and small pieces of bone young; Darius is alive and can tell his tramatic story. Not only can he share his testimony, the doctors also gifted him with the same screw that almost cost him his life and sent him on his way after a few days in the hospital. So the next time that you are having a bad day, always remember that someone else would gladly trade your “bad day” for theirs.

Source: NY Post

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