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When I heard about the little 11 year old girl from Texas whose brain tumor disappeared I jumped for pure joy. If you don’t believe there is a God after that, then I don’t know what to tell you. The news was all over this miracle story as they should have been. A testimony is what it really is because we know that God is the great physician. I’m so glad that he reminded the doctors and all of us that miracles are performed in the 21st century as well. Can you imagine how that family felt initially after having received that news? Your child starts having headaches, double vision and nausea, then, the doctor tells you that your baby has a brain tumor….and it’s inoperable….and there is no cure. Talk about getting hit with a ton of bricks. Mannnn, that’s tough to digest.  But look what God did! The doctor’s performed another MRI and…what tumor? Matter of fact, there were several doctors who looked at the MRI and they all agree that no tumor was detected. The family said they were praying for a miracle and looked for guidance in God and now they can witness to the entire world the glory of God. Look what the good Lord has done! This just reminds me of the scripture about not putting your trust in man but putting trust in God.  He can’t fail. You better praise him.