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The scriptures make it clear in Ephesians 6 that there are evil rulers and principalities in the spiritual world that seek to steal, kill and destroy those of us who bear the image of God (John 10:10). It can be so easy to sink into life and forget we have a real enemy with a real agenda. But the truth is, we can’t afford to forget.

Because the mind is a target.

Think about it. Whenever there is a state of war, what is the smartest move for an armed force to take on their enemies?

To take out their communication.

If the enemy can take out the communication between the commanding force and its troops, he now has an advantage through the door of confusion and disconnection. Know that one of the enemy’s biggest tactics is also to take out your communication and connection with God.

To get us confused about who we are.

Confused about if God is even there.

Confused about the hope we thought we had in Christ.

He works through the haze of confusion.


To be honest, many of us aren’t prepared. I can personally attest that we make it too easy for him to gain access to our hearts and to our minds. This is why, as mentioned in Day 1, it’s important to be aware of what triggers your anxiety. So you know how to prepare your defenses.

Scripture says the enemy is the “father of lies” (John 8:44).

But wait, in order for a lie to work, it takes two.

1. The one who speaks it and the one who believes it and

2. It has no power unless you believe it.


So it’s vital that we pursue staying connected to Christ for our mental and spiritual health. We take in His Word. We equip ourselves with the armor of God:

The sword of the Spirit- The Word.

The helmet of salvation- Your assurance in Christ.

The shield of faith- Your unwavering belief in the Lord.

The breastplate of righteousness- Your firm standing with God.

The belt of truth- The truth of God’s word.


Let’s let our minds be so filled with the truth of God that we leave no room for

the enemies lies.


Action Steps:


1. Grab a deck of flashcards.

2. Write a scripture on each flash card that speaks the truth against fear and anxiety.

Now when you go into prayer or you feel your mind under spiritual attack:

Grab your sword, this deck of scripture, and call out each verse during prayer.

Consider also getting on the phone and praying with a friend or a trusted counselor.


Today’s Affirmation: Today no weapon formed against my mind shall prosper.


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