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Happy Friday! As we look back on this week, let’s not forget to Thank God for how far he has brought us. Whether this week was flooded with blessings on blessings or truly tested your faith, you made it! Today’s scripture is from Job 37:14-20 CEV which reads:

Job, consider carefully the many wonders of God.

Can you explain why lightning flashes at the orders

of God who knows all things? Or how he hangs the clouds in empty space?

You almost melt in the heat of fierce desert winds when the sky is like brass.

God can hammer out the clouds in spite of the oppressive heat, but can you?

Tell us what to say to God! Our minds are in the dark, and we don’t know how to argue our case.

Should I risk my life by telling God that I want to speak?


Watch the video as Martin Bender shares his three thoughts in this devotional from Job 37:14-20.

1. God commands creation.

2. Perfect in knowledge.

3. Nothing to say.

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