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One of the worst feelings is hitting the plateau in your fitness journey. You are working out, eating right and you stand on the stand, and nothing moves. Well. don’t feel so bad. Author Dr. Ian Smith tells the Get Up Church why this may not be so much of a bad thing after all. Dr. Smith also gives us tips on how to get past the plateau.




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Erica Campbell: Let’s jump right in what causes people, me, I mean people to plateau and stop losing weight when they’re working out and watching what they eat?

Dr. Ian Smith: Well, you know, plateaus, people have a wrong perspective about a plateau. People get frustrated by plateaus and I tell people all the time, that a plateau is a good thing. What that means is that you have lost weight, your body is now fighting back. And your body’s saying I don’t want to budge anymore. I don’t want to shred any more weight. So it’s an indication that you achieved something. So I think people should look at plateaus as a positive thing. Now, the flip side of that is now that you reach the plateau, how do you tell your body I’m going to continue to beat you? And I think that’s where you know, the rubber hits the road. And so what I tell people all the time as there are two things you can basically do one is reduce your calories. And the other thing is to increase your caloric burn. And so it’s like burning the candle at both ends. That is what helps you break through a plateau.

Erica: What are some things that people can do to bust through the plateau? Because I mean, some people feel like that’s what they’re doing. What are some specific things that they can change? What type of exercises should they add, and get through?

Dr. Ian: Well, let’s talk nutritionally first, I think people should reduce their portions in half for a week. So whatever you typically eat, still eat it, but reduce those portions by half. So if you’re, you know, on your breakfast if you’re having you know, a bowl and a half of oatmeal or grits, or you know, only have half of that only have half a bowl of three-quarters of a bowl and that if you do that for all of your meals for a week, that alone will help. But then if you combine that with increasing the type of exercise that you do, people should really look at something called high-intensity interval training, which is called HIIT. You can Google it. If you do 15 to 20 minutes, that’s it. Have a hit exercise three or four times and of course of the week. You can burn calories up to 24 hours after you’re done with the exercise. To make it easy Erica, on my Instagram page at @DoctorIanSmith and my link in my bio, I have several plateau busters. I have a seven-day shred. I have a seven-day Kickstarter, I have a two-week plan and I even have a soup challenge, seven days soup challenge. So anybody who’s at a plateau or is trying to actually start their weight loss as we head into the fall season. If you go to my Instagram page, go into my link in my bio and you’ll get all that for free.

Erica: We’re talking to Dr. Ian Smith. And tell us again how we can follow you on social media and get all this great information.

Dr. Ian: Yeah, on Instagram, it’s at @DoctorIanSmith. On Twitter. It’s @DrIanSmith. And if you go to my Instagram page, look at the link in my bio. You will see all kinds of free seven-day or two-week plans to get you jumpstart or help you break through the plateau.

Erica: We love it. Thank you so so very much what message would you leave with us today?

Dr. Ian: I think that people have to understand that it is a process and you have to embrace the process. Do not expect overnight results. Take it step, by step. Rome was not built in a day and that’s the same as far as your transformation and in April. I’m going to teach people how to become more metabolically flexible. I have a book coming out called the “Met Flex Diet.” I’m going to help people learn how to burn different fuels based on what’s available carbs that are available fat if that’s available.






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