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We Grieve But We Still Have Hope | Faith Walking

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Listen, unfortunately, in this season we’ve had a lot of loss, a lot of grief, and everybody processes grief differently and at most funerals we hear we don’t grieve the same because we have different information and I want to tell you that that’s true. We do know that in this life we will come and we will go. So when you wrapped your mind around the fact that he knew me when I was in my mother’s womb right then, that means I came from somewhere. My spirit came from somewhere. So we eventually go back home. 


And while I’m not telling you how to mourn, I’m telling you that the Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit and your words matter when you say, I won’t make it. Yes, you will. When you say I’ll never recover. Yes, you will. You will make it through this. This will not be an impossibility. That will stop you and stunt your growth. You’ll continue to live. You’ll continue to thrive. You’ll continue to remember. And yes, they were there. And maybe they had an integral part in your life. I remember losing my father and I said, who am I? Who am I going to call when I don’t understand scripture. Who am I going to call when I need someone to explain something? And God said the same way I was his father. I am yours and I will be there for you the same way I was for him. So I begin to wipe my tears and rest in the fact that God would keep me. He would comfort me and he would carry me. 


And that the love that was around me, that was still living and breathing, I didn’t want to cheat them out of appreciating them because I had lost my father. And so while this time may be tough, I want you to rest in the fact that we all, if you believe in Jesus, we believe that we’re going to a better place. We believe that there is no pain, no sorrow. We believe and know that one day I will be there too. And I will rejoice the same way. They’re rejoicing.  


And so while I pray for comfort in your heart. I pray that you have the strength to walk through this difficult time knowing that you will be OK, that you’re going to make it through that. The God of all comfort will be present, that the peace of God that passes all understanding will be present. That yes, you will smile again. And yes, the joy will return. And yes, the father, our father, our loving God will give you the strength to make it through this time. 






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