An attorney filed a third complaint accusing NYC schools of systemically mismanaging sex assault cases involving disadvantaged Black girls. While the city continues to review the cases, the lawyer for the girls is seeking a wider federal probe.

The Rev. Al Sharpton and partners are launching a four-city tour to promote the reconnection of communities and schools. The cities are Atlanta, Richmond, Baltimore and Columbia.

Federal prosecutors filed a civil rights lawsuit against the NYC Education Department over a racist principal. The suit alleges that the department failed to address the principal's behavior.

New data from the Education Department reveals inequality in school districts across the nation. Black students are experiencing fewer education opportunities and disproportionate suspensions.

California deputies escorted a student from his graduation ceremony who violated the rules by wearing a kente cloth. The rules banned adding accessories to caps and gowns.

A judge rejected a case accusing Florida of providing unequal quality of education to poor and minority students. He ruled that the state is not a fault for the achievement gap.

Westosha Central High School was recently the center of racial discord after a number of racial bullying incidents were brought to the administration's attention.

Black woman graduates as first valedictorian at the world's first school of dentistry. She was just one of 10 Black female students in a graduating class of 130 students.

A pilot program chess club helps Ferguson students heal. Organizers are seeing dramatic improvements.

Girls outscored boys on the first national tech literacy exam. Less surprising to administrators was the racial and socioeconomic achievement gap.

The new federal education law grants states and school districts more decision-making authority. This raises concerns for many about the future of education equity.