Elder Vikki Johnson

  This week on the Community Affairs Show Cheryl Jackson talks with Dr. Vikki Johnson about Spiritual and Practical ways to combat anxiety.   Current life situations has many people experiencing anxiety and panic attacks at an alarming rate.  Soul Wealth Coach, Dr. Vikki Johnson shares the dangers of this emotion and how we can use […]

This week Elder Vikki Johnson talks about cutting off those things in your life that will keep you from fulfilling your purpose.  This commentary is life changing!  Check it out! GIRLTALK0606 Stay connected with Elder Vikki Johnson at www.ElderVikki.com.

On this week’s “Girl Talk”, Elder Vikki Johnson teaches us to go beyond the mundane and begin to expect greatness each day!  I love when she asked  “Do you wake up each morning expecting God to wow you?”.  Check it out: GIRLTALK0523

This Week on Girl Talk with Elder Vikki Johnson, Elder Vikki gives the definition of what faith really is with a quote from Phillip Yancy.  She states a positive attitude releases possibilities, setting priorities gives us focus, managing our health gives us strength, family gives us stability and commitment gives us tenacity.  Check out the […]

  This week on Girl Talk With Elder Vikki Johnson, we learn that when we look for love in all the wrong places it is because we have not fully embraced how much God really loves us.  Nothing we can do can make God change His mind about how much he loves us!  Check out […]

  This week on “Girl Talk” with Elder Vikki Johnson, we talk about the importance of loving yourself!  Listen to the commentary here and take an assessment of your life.  Make it a point to love you!   To get inspirational nuggets on a daily basis connect with Elder Vikki Johnson at https://www.facebook.com/vikki.kennedyjohnson.3?fref=ts.

  On this weeks “Girl Talk“, Elder Vikki Johnson shares the dangers of obsessive love.  They fear being alone, unloving or unworthy.  But, my sister, God is waiting to cover you with the healing in his wings to get past your obsession.  Check out the full commentary here (its life changing): 

This week on Girl Talk, Elder Vikki Johnson reminds us that we no longer have to live in a season of defeat if we would just agree with God’s will for  our lives.  Check out the full commentary here:  Girl Talk 0123

  This week on Girl Talk, Elder Vikki Johnson talks about the importance of an intimate relationship with the Father.  Check the full commentary here:  GIRLTAK1114

  This week Elder Vikki Johnson explores the Christian phrase “what would Jesus do”?  The answer to this question is empowering!  Check it out:  GIRLTALK1031

  To empower the sisters today Elder Vikki Johnson encourages us to get up from where we are and do something different.  She tells us that now is the time to move into our purposed destiny!  Check out the full commentary here:  GIRLTALK1017

This week Elder Johnson forces us to look at all of the things in our past that hinders our growth to move forward.  Sister, don’t miss out on what God has in store for you by clinging to the past! Check out the full commentary here:  GIRLTALK0919