Kym Lee

This week on the Beauty Spot, Kym Lee talks about a little sparkle and shine for the holiday with Illuminating Foundation.  Illuminating foundation is a hint of shimmer in your favorite foundation.  Hide all of your flaws with a hint of shimmer for the holiday season.   Some of the suggested illuminated foundations are Revlon, […]

Today on the “Beauty Spot”  Kym Lee talks about the effects of dark circles and its remedy.  Check out the full commentary here:  KYMLEE1204

  This week on the Health & Beauty Segment Kym shares with us an event that she is a part of called GLAM Ect.  For more information log on to

  Unlike the Hurricane we just experienced water is our friend!  This week Kym Lee gives us a few effects of water in our beauty regiment.  Kym talks about the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water a day, using it in a bath house to tighten our pores, using cold compresses on our eyes and even […]

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, some of us eat until we can’t eat any more.  Well Kym Lee takes this time to create at home beauty remedies.  Check some of the ingredients.

  Kym Lee talks about the latest fashion crave from LA House Wife, Lisa Hoffman (Dustin Hoffman’s wife).  She has partnered with designer Tom Binns to create a flagrance line of jewelry.  For more information on this line of jewelry log on to  Check out the full commentary here: KYMLEE1016

On this weeks Beauty & Health Segment Kym Lee continues to share with us the beauty trends for the Fall season.  This week she talks about the shoe rave!  Check out the full commentary: KYMLEE1009

On this week’s Beauty and Health segment, Kym Lee shares with us the rave of the runway for Fall makeup.  Check out a few of the new looks that we are anxious to rock during this season and the temperature changes.  Check out the full commentary here:  KYMLEE1002 

This week is Fashion week in the DMV. To find all of the DC Fashion activities log on to Make up artist to the stars Kym, Lee talks about the new fall color trends found on the runways during fashion week. Check it out: KymLee0918

On this weeks Beauty and Health segment Kym Lee shares some of the raves from the 2012 Fashion Week runway.  This week she focuses on the awesome hair trends for the fall season. Check out the full commentary here:  kYMLEE0911

                                        On this weeks Beauty and Health segment Kym takes a question from our text club regarding her phenomenal work as lead make up artist on the set of the movie “Sparkle”.  In the movie Kym takes us […]

Our very own celebrity make up artist, Kym Lee, interviewed on WTTG, Fox 5 Morning Show with Tony Perkins.  She talks about her role as a premiere make up artist for the movie, “Sparkle”.  Kym also shares about her relationship to the incomparable, Whitney Houston!  Check it out here: