In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF asks God why men have to turn into big babies when they’re sick! He hilariously points out the fact that men could be the most masculine, big burly men, but they tend to switch it up once they get sick. He says, yesterday, he wasn’t feeling well, and […]

Jo Jo Martin calls Erica Campbell & GRIFF– from a hospital bed -to talk about his powerful testimony. He opens up about living with Renal Disease, and surviving a brother who lost his life due to kidney failure. He talks about the process of giving a kidney to someone who is on the transplant list, and what is usually […]

Cold and flu season is now upon us beauties, so that means it’s time to think about preventative measures to avoid coughing, sneezing and hacking…

(Undated)  —  The stories you share might be making your hairstylist sick.  Australia’s “Berwick-Leader” is reporting on a study of stylists in Victoria, Australia that found many hairdressers become so stressed from listening to their customers’ depressing stories, they grow ill themselves.  Tales of divorce, deaths, domestic incidents and other things life throws at us actually cause some […]