Cheryl Jackson had the opportunity to talk with JJ and Trina Hairston and their ministry “Amazing Love”.  Join them for the conference call on Valentine’s Day at 7:15pm or watch them on or

On the first episode of Amazing Love w/ JJ & Trina Hairston, our favorite Gospel couple talks about what Amazing Love means to them and gives and inside look on how their marriage has lasted through some really tough times. Make sure you follow the series as JJ & Trina will be tackling some of the […]

Gospel artist JJ Hairston and his wife Trina Hairston joined Roland Martin on the set of NewsOne Now to talk about their new marriage ministry. The…

In this edition of Behind the Praise, J.J. and Trina Hairston reflect on how they met and how they’ve managed to maintain and grow their marriage through so many years. Plus, J.J. discusses how being a husband and father has affected his ministry. ALSO SEE: J.J. Hairston Talks About His Show On A Hip-Hop Radio Station [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] […]