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Mary Mary’s reality television show keeps delivering week after week. Each week’s real life lesson brings you face to face with  problems and issues that are being discussed in our homes.

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The episode this week  surrounded the Atkins Sisters gathering together with their Pastor’s wife. Last week, Erica and Tina  had to deal with tons  of  drama. It was a long list of  coping with  with the  “Goo Goo’s styling/Mitch Melt down”, financial disaster and a pregnancy  filled worries that  lead to this week’s episode of sisterly bonding. Erica and Tina decided that all the Atkins sisters would go on a mini trip.  Just for fun, Erica arranged a “pole dancing” class. Tina wanted no part of it.. The resulting conversation was entertaining and truthful. In addition, Tina’s potential pregnancy loomed in the background.

There were two lessons this week.

The first lesson was that standing your ground sometimes means that others will be angry, but they will understand. Tina choosing not to take the poll dancing class was both courageous and brave. It showed that even as adults when you are presented with something that you are uncomfortable doing you still have the power to say no. Tina could have caved to the pressure of her sisters joking and chiding, but she chose to take the stand and refuse. She explained herself  and moved on.

The second less0n is that no matter how hard you may plan, life has other plans. Tina’s discovery of her pending pregnancy took a road  that no one was expecting. Watching Tina completely freak out was an  affirmation that everyone is entitled to the freak out moment. It’s what you do after the freak out moment  that makes the  difference

What was your takeaway moment?

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