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Jordan Oliver (pictured), 11, was dared by a few classmates to jump off a wooden Bolinbrook, Ill., foot bridge (pictured below), and when she did, her body never resurfaced from the pond.  Sadly, the girl was pronounced dead Tuesday night at a local hospital, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

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Oliver, who was accompanied by six of her friends, when they made the decision to go bridge jumping.  The tweens would take turns climbing over the barriers of the bridge, holding onto the iron side rails, and then jumping into the pond.  Ironically, Oliver had completed the feat successfully and managed to swim to shore before her fatal second attempt.

When Oliver tried a second time and jumped into the pond instead of resurfacing, her small frame sank.  Divers pulled the fifth grader’s lifeless body out of the pond 45 minutes after she went under.

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The 12-foot pond, which is behind the Pioneer Elementary School that Oliver attended, attracts children from all over the area, according to neighbor Jen Chandler, who spoke to the Chicago Sun-Times.  “My husband and I are always yelling at kids, ‘Get off! It’s not frozen!’” she said, adding that she was not home Tuesday night, when emergency crews were trying to help Jordan. “I’ve never seen them scale the side of the bridge. It’s just so sad.”

The elementary school has set up crisis counseling teams for the children at Pioneer.  An autopsy for Oliver has also been scheduled and the death remains under police investigation.

Watch video of the drowning here.


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