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 “…I’ll endure because I know what’s coming, I won’t move because I know what’s coming, I’ll believe because I know what’s coming, what’s coming is better than what’s been…”                      –Deon Kipping “What’s Coming Is Better”

These faith filled lyrics are just a taste of the greatness showcased on Deon Kipping’s new CD I JUST WANT TO HEAR YOU. As a songwriter and composer, Deon Kipping has become synonymous with the terms prolific and gifted.  Also a singer in his own right, Kipping emerges to the forefront of the Gospel music scene with I JUST WANT TO HEAR YOU – his first project with Verity Gospel Music Group.

The 12 tracker is a fusion of pop, alternative, contemporary, and Gospel sounds. Kipping is delivering a unique style of musical composition accompanied with dynamic lyrical content, and superior vocal styling. “After hearing my songs, I simply want listeners’ level of faith to be elevated in such a way that God is amazed at their faith,” he says. “I don’t want people to just like the songs, I want people to listen and say ‘I just want to believe more.’”

The title track is a soulful mid-tempo song with beautiful horn arrangements and a message that speaks to a believer’s desire to hear directly from God in the most intimate way.  “I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through” is a ballad asserting declarations of faith. It’s the type of song that will cause the listener to reflect over their life and rejoice in the message of redemption and restoration provided by the cross.

“What’s Coming Is Better” is a mid-tempo track with soul stirring lyrics that will build listener’s faith and confidence in God’s promises for their lives; while the pop inspired “The Door” and the alternative and pop infused “Prisoner” display the diversity of sounds on this album. The up-tempo “You Are The King” provides a jovial sound, which – accompanied by Kipping’s smooth vocals – produces a wonderful praise and worship standard.

Deon Kipping has been working toward this moment in time for most of his life, and with    I JUST WANT TO HEAR YOU he has delivered stirring messages of hope and faith that will build the kingdom of God. He believes in being transparent about his journey and experiences, in hopes that it will help others along their paths. Every song on I JUST WANT TO HEAR YOU possesses a piece of Kipping, whether it’s a personal experience or that of someone he knows.  He says, “I believe that the music has to touch me first in order to be effective in others’ lives. I want to push people to believe no matter what. I want people to have bold faith.”

As one of the songs on the new project says “I’m on my way/ I’m on my way/destiny is waiting for me …” Deon Kipping is certainly on his way. He holds fast to the legacy of his grandmother and late grandfather who instilled in him a love for God and music. Although he may not have always been sure about all of life’s trials, he could always find refuge in music. His inclination to always go back to music and find solace in it has brought him to the center stage today.

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Raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Deon Kipping recalls his grandmother calling on him to sing in church at the tender age of 9 years old and this was the beginning of a journey filled with musical grooming and preparation. His grandmother started him off as a singer and – as time went on – he played the organ and served as the minister of music. By the time he was in high school, Kipping had started a Gospel choir and began to write songs while also venturing into music directing. His longtime mentor and manager Gerald Isaac introduced him to production, which further developed Kipping’s creative dexterity.

Kipping continued to hone his talents as a student at Lincoln University, where he was the Music Director for their Gospel choir.  During this time, he also had the opportunity to play keys on Mary J. Blige’s “Your Child;” and for R&B artists Mario and Angie Stone. He calls his music publishing company “216 Publishing,” which was the number of the college dorm room where he spent many days writing songs, arranging vocals, creating melodies, and developing his unique sound.

After graduating from Lincoln University with a degree in music, he formed a group named “New Covenant”. They began singing at Kipping’s home church and as word quickly spread about their ministry they began to be invited to churches across Connecticut to sing. With New Covenant, Kipping matured as a writer and composer and began to really carve out a unique brand of music – but he knew that there were some songs that he needed to deliver as an artist and soon decided to answer the call to come out from behind the scenes.

In 2005, Deon wrote “Incredible God, Incredible Praise,” which was recorded by JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise.  “Incredible God, Incredible Praise” would be Deon’s first Gospel music placement and he recorded lead vocals on the song.  You can also hear Kipping’s vocal lead on the wildly popular “Lord You’re Mighty” by JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise.

Kipping continued to write and eventually recorded an independent album titled REAL LIFE, REAL WORSHIP, which included a powerful song titled “Praise Him In Advance.” The story goes that Marvin Sapp was on a trip in Connecticut and while being driven to a destination, the “Real Life, Real Worship” album was playing in the background.  When “Praise Him In Advance” came on, Marvin Sapp fell in love with the song and decided to record it for his 2007 “Thirsty” album.  Subsequently, “Praise Him In Advance” became one of the most noted songs of the past five years.  It shot to #2 on Billboard’s “Gospel Songs” chart, remained on the chart for 31 weeks, and earned Kipping an ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Award.

Kipping has written songs for many other artists, including: Byron Cage (“I Got A Reason”); Bishop Paul Morton (“I Am What You See”); Jessica Reedy (“Always”); James Fortune (“Never Again,” “Identity”); the late Timothy Wright (“He Will Do”), and Rance Allen (“My Needs”). The two latter songs he also recorded with those artists. Additionally, Deon Kipping & New Covenant have opened for main stage artists such as Hezekiah Walker and Tye Tribbett.

Deon Kipping was a featured artist on Kirk Franklin’s recent “Fearless Tour,” which he said – obviously – was one of the greatest experiences of his life.  “I was in direct contact with Kirk Franklin, who is someone that I truly admire and want to continue to learn from. I watched how he handled his band, singers, and his love for what he does. It was definitely a highlight in my life and career.

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