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Judith is a marriage counselor who, ironically, has little experience of relationships as she has been with her first boyfriend for nineteen years and married for six. Despite this, she works at a well-respected clinic with regular high status clients, though she does have dreams about setting up her own practice. One day, a major social media inventor comes in for a consultation with her and they find they recognize each other from their regular running routines. Although Judith is at first unimpressed by him and even a little disapproving, she soon finds herself falling for his charms as problems in her own marriage begin to escalate and he does his best to persuade her that things could be better away from her husband despite her beliefs that they are perfectly compatible. However, he is womanizing  abusive and destructive and it doesn’t take long before their affair spirals out of control and her husband discovers what she’s been trying to hide.

This story of the trials and tribulations of love and marriage is the thirteenth movie by Tyler Perry (‘I Can Do Bad All by Myself’, ‘Why Did I Get Married?’), director, writer and producer, based on a play of the same name he previously wrote. ‘Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor’ will hit movie theaters on March 29th 2013.

Director: Tyler Perry

Starring: Eric WestJurnee SmollettKim KardashianVanessa WilliamsBrandy Norwood, Robbie Jones, Lance Gross, Sharon Oliphant, Andrea Moore, Ella Joyce, Candice Coke, Nickolas Wolf, Cara Mantella, Denise Pereira, Zach Sale,