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Who are all of the characters in “The Rickey Smiley Show?” Rickey Smiley is known for playing a numerous amount of characters himself, and the second season of “The Rickey Smiley Show” premiering on TV One on Friday, July 26 isn’t any different.

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Rickey Smiley plays himself, of course, and he is a the DJ of a morning radio show and comedian based in Atlanta. He’s a single father of three children who has been divorced, and the show chronicles him trying to find the perfect balance to being a family man.

And then there’s Sister Bernice Jenkins, a church lady who puts everyone in check, and says whatever she wants, but always means well. Smiley also plays Clarence the Janitor, a school custodian who uses his orthopedic boot to fight, and also claims to be a “professional soft-shoe dancer.”

Let’s not forget Pastor Watkins, a Southern Baptist pastor at the church Rickey and his family attend. Smiley also plays Lil’ Darryl, a fourth grader who has been held back for some time. He usually finds himself an uninvited guest at Rickey’s house and even harder to get rid of. Another regular character Rickey plays is Joe Willie, a old singer of the gospel group The Dueteronomaries. It is said that he will play nine more characters so we will have to see all of the laughter that is about to unfold.

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The other cast members are J. Anthony Brown, who plays Maurice, and he runs the radio station. All his character can think about is money and ratings. Ray J plays Kenny, the show’s producer and all around player. Noree Victoria plays Rickey’s manager who gets her job done, and wants to see her client truly succeed.

Demetria McKinney plays Monica, Rickey’s ex-wife, who he tries to have an amicable relationship with despite their situation, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. His Aunt Sylvia is played by actress Roz Ryan, who lives with Rickey and takes care of the family. His son Brandon is played by Jay Lewis, who loves everything tech and is a gaming nerd. Ajiona Alexus plays his teenage daughter De’Ann who, just like every other teenager, is glued to her phone. She loves fashion, but not her dad’s old-fashioned ways. Aaron, Rickey’s youngest, is played by Gabriel Burgess, who got his sense of humor from his father.

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