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He’s your dawg through thick and thin. He’s held you down, he’s given you passes and he’s kept your secrets (aka lied for you,) and Christmas is around the corner. You gotta find a way to show this dude you love him… but you don’t want him thinking you’re trying to take this to another level. After all, certain gifts just ain’t appropriate for one man to give another unless your partnership comes with the word “domestic” in front of it. So to avoid the side-eye the wrong gift would get you, we at got a few ideas that you can hand over without the Frank Ocean filter on.

1) Season Tickets

Remember the time you used “Babe, I’m at the game” as an excuse to avoid your girl’s baby showers/Parent dinners/”Sex In The City” parties and your boy covered for you? Put these under his tree and you’re good ’till the grave.

2) Car Parts

How many times has your ace helped you move after your girl told you to call Tyrone? How many miles have you put on that car of his trying to get her back? How many lifts has he given you to the courthouse to get that restraining order on the ones you wanted to avoid? I’m saying…

3) Sports Equipment

You know damn well those basketball/Football games are the only thing that get you out the house with minimal resistance from your girl. And when your boy told you to play golf with him, you clowned him. Now you live to push those carts all over the greens. New clubs for your dog are in order.

4) Liquor

You tow pop champagne to celebrate a Tuesday. Just think of this bottle of Ace Of Spade or expensive brandy as the ultimate graduation from the 40’s you used to chip in on together… or as a thank you for all the times he covered your end when you were too broke to put in.

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