On Friday the 14th of February, little Makayla Darden was doing what most eight year old kids do. She was outside having fun and enjoying her childhood. While she was on her way home….two individuals decided to commit a crime and in the midst gunned down Makayla as she was caught in the crossfire. It was a tragic day for the Darden family.

Ms. Stephanie Darden took a some time to spend with JC of Praise 104.1 and speak about that horrific day, the aftermath and life while Makayla recuperates.

Please note that the interview is an account of a mother in distress, it is dfficult to listen to as Stephanie tells of the account and how it unfolded.

Should you want to send gift or other charitable items for Makayla, please send them to:

4011 Cole Blvd S.E.

Washington DC 20032

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