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Summer is here and many naturals are wondering how in the world they will rock their natural hair in this heat. Well, if you don’t want to wear your hair out and flowing all over the place, you have some cooler options to help you beat the heat while staying cute!

Wash & Go

It’s wash and go season! When it’s hot, wetting your hair every day can feel delightful, not to mention keep your hair moisturized. If you have long hair, it might not seem much cooler to wear it out, but you have the option to pull it back. For shorter hair, I suggest you literally just wash and go!

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Two-Strand Twists

You know the two-strand twist you do for those awesome twist-outs? Well, how about you try rocking them as is. Two-strand twists are just as cute in as they are taken out. This will keep your hair tamed and out of the way on the hottest of days. Get creative with your bobby pins to create different looks.

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