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Donovan is 11 years old and has an amazing talent for soap making. Now, he is starting his own business, and he is trying to help people in the process, donating to the same organization that helped him and his mother find a home. Read more.


11-Year-Old Killed By Stray Bullet While At Sleepover In Chicago, No Arrests Yet

Chicago Police say they haven’t arrested anyone yet in the death of an 11-year-old girl who was struck by a stray bullet while at a friend’s house for a sleepover. Investigators are hunting for the gunman who fired the shot that struck Shamiya Adams in the head Friday night. Shamiya’s great-grandmother, Lourene Miller, says the girl was sleeping over at a friend’s house that night and that the girls were making s’mores. She says Shamiya’s mother, Shaneetha Goodloe, told Shamiya she loved her and kissed her goodbye when she dropped her off at the home a few hours before she was killed. Read more.


How Turbans Helped Some Blacks Go Incognito In The Jim Crow Era – NPR (blog)

In mid-20th century America, the turban was a tool that people of color used for “confounding the color lines,” writes Manan Desai, board member of the South Asian American Digital Archive. At the time, ideas of race in America were quite literally black and white. In some places, if you could pass yourself off as something other than black, you could circumvent some amount of discrimination. People of color — both foreigners and African-Americans — employed this to their advantage. Some did it just to get by in a racist society, some to make a political statement, and others — performers and businessmen — to gain access to fame and money they wouldn’t have otherwise had. Read more.


Allen West: Obama ‘Indirectly Responsible’ for MH17 Crash

Right now most of the blame being apportioned over the downing of MH17 by what’s believed to be a Buk missile is being directed at Russian separatists and Vladimir Putin. But in a blog post today, former Congressman Allen West asserted that President Obama himself is “indirectly responsible” for what happened. Read more.


Tyler Perry Sued for Alleged Unfair Dealings With Government Officials

The Associate Press reports that an Atlanta-based entertainment company is suing Tyler Perry for allegedly working unfairly with government officials in order to obtain a former military base to turn into a movie studio. Ubiquitous Entertainment Studios, an entertainment company in Atlanta, Georgia, filed the federal lawsuit this week against Perry, also naming the US Army and “a government authority working to redevelop Fort McPherson” as defendants. Read more.

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