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Minister Deitrick Haddon and Pastors Jay Hazilip and Wayne Chaney join the ladies of “The Real” to talk about their hit show, “Preachers of LA.”

Deitrick weighs in on society’s stigma of materialism amongst pastors, while Jay shares that he was a cocaine addict for 12 years before joining the ministry. The men show us their fun and jovial sides as they perform in a church talent show for “The Real” audience.

Loni Love: Pastor Jay, your ministry focuses on saving the lives of troubled youth. Dealing with addiction, tell us how your story relates?

Jay Haizlip: Well you know, I didn’t grow up in the church world. I was a professional skateboarder for most of my life. I’ve been skateboarding for most of my life.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Oh cool!

Adrienne Bailon: That’s so hot.

Jay Haizlip:  And you know rising through the ranks of just being a skater and unfortunately I started making a lot of bad choices: getting involved in things that nearly destroyed my life; particularly cocaine for 12 years. I was addicted to cocaine and it almost wiped me out completely. As a result of that, that is how I had a radical encounter with God. It’s just given me a platform not only to just young people, or thugs, or people like that, but our church is very diverse. I think that just because of where I’ve been and what I’ve gone through it just gives me a platform to speak to people period.

Adrienne Bailon: I love that. I love that. That is awesome. Now Deitrick you also serve as Executive Producer of “Preachers of LA,” what do you have to say in response to the people that feel a way about preachers having fancy cars and huge houses and that sort of thing?

Deitrick Haddon: What’s wrong with that? A man deserves to drive what he can afford. If you worked hard, you deserve it. Now I think people have a problem when the pastor driving a Bentley and there is a leak in the church ceiling. Now I think that is the issue that people have. People have been victims of bad leadership out there.

Wayne Chaney: You know there are multiple streams. Without question there are multiple streams. God opens up different doors of opportunity. I think when he does that you should be able to do it. Our church has tripled in size, quadrupled in income, since I’ve been there I have not taken a raise from them in ten years.

Adrienne Bailon: You better take that raise.

 Deitrick Haddon: You take your check and sow it into my ministry.

Jay Haizlip: It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have that matters. And so you know, if I’m taking everything and keeping it for myself, we’ve got a problem. But if I’m using what I have to help other people then I think that’s wonderful.

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