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America’s Wealth Coach, Deborah Owens, joined guest host Mo Ivory on “NewsOne Now” to explain why we should gift stock in popular brands to our loved ones this holiday season.

Many children and teens may be interested in getting Beats headphones or the new iPhone 6 this Christmas. But instead of spending lots of money on these items, Owens said, “We’re going to have Apple pay you a return.”

Owens said one of the ways individuals can invest is through a dividend reinvestment program. Owens suggested viewers visit  This site allows you to invest in “over 500 different stocks and then enroll in their dividend reinvestment program.”

“Often times people say three shares of Apple might be $100 or $300 or so, but if you buy those shares of stock, Apple pays a dividend every quarter. You have those dividends reinvested every quarter you’re going to be buying more shares.”


Owens also told Ivory, “This is a great way to begin the conversation about shopping in the same companies that you buy things from, so now you have something tangible … when we shop and we buy these things we are increasing the profits of these companies and that’s how the shares of stock go up.”

Listen to “NewsOne Now” guest host Mo Ivory and financial guru Deborah Owens explain how gifting stocks and giving the gift of college during the holidays can help your loved ones begin to build wealth.

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