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New years bring new opportunities. For many, new jobs is definitely part of a new year. Share these 4 things and you will be on the  right path. 

You Work Well With Others-The ability to work in a team is one of the qualities employers want most. An interviewer wants to hear how you have wor1ked in a team in the past and how your team succeeded.

Explain what your role on the team was and how you contributed to the team’s success. Companies want to create teams that can manage themselves and produce strong results.

You’re Constantly Seeking to Learn-Employers want to know you’re open to adapting and learning new methods. Talk about your willingness to continue learning more about your industry. Tell them how you’re constantly reading articles about industry trends and speaking to mentors for advice — and actually do these things; don’t just say so. Be specific when referencing publications you read or blogs you follow.

You Are Motivated- When you use the word “motivated” to describe yourself, you’re expressing a couple things to your interviewer: First, you have a desire to help the company do well. Second, you are a productive worker. Both of these things show employers they can count on you to do your job.

Explain how your motivation has helped you in the past and how it will help you with specific things related to this new role.

 You’re Excited About This Job-An excited candidate is one who won’t take the job for granted. “Excited” says, “I really want the job and will do my best when I get it.”


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