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In “Part 2″ of a three-part video series called “Queen For A Day,” Mildred Muhammad – ex-wife of D.C.-Sniper John Allen Muhammad  and other domestic abuse survivors share harrowing stories of domestic and sexual abuse at the hands of spouses, family members, and partners.

Muhammad revealed this about her former husband:

“What most people don’t know, is that I was his intended target, and that he was killing innocent people to cover up my murder so he could get custody of the kids…”

‘’Most times we concentrate on the 20%, which are 1-in-4 women who are physically assaulted. It begins with a verbal assault…and we don’t concentrate on the 80% who don’t have physical scars to prove that they are victims…”

Survivor Mignon Brown-Anderson touched on how domestic violence was passed down from generation to generation in her family.

“When I was growing up, I really didn’t know I was in a domestic violence relationship because all of my friends and family, all of them were fighting their significant other, so I actually thought that’s what you did in relationships. It left residue. So when my daughter was growing up, she watched those things and she was seeing it. When she was 14 she met this guy and she was in an abusive relationship. Well, when she turned 18, that same guy murdered her.”

Raheem DeVaughn, his LoveLife Foundation, RadioOne, African Pride, and a local Washington D.C. shelter surprised 20 domestic violence survivors with a “Queen For A Day” prize package that included: spa/hair services, dinner, and a private performance from the Grammy-nominated artist.

Make sure to check back for Part 3 of the series…


Grab A Tissue: Raheem DeVaughn Makes 20 Domestic Violence Survivors ‘Queens For A Day’ [VIDEO]

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