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Meagan Good

Source: Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty

Actress Meagan Good is hoping to encourage more couples to wait for sex in a relationship after agreeing to give her romance with her minister husband a year before they slept together.

The Think Like a Man star gave herself the chance to really get to know her then-boyfriend, DeVon Franklin, before they consummated their romance, and now the couple is working on a new relationship self-help book, titled The Wait, which details their no-sex vow. Good, who wed Franklin in 2012, says, “I speak to young women because I think a lot of the images that are out there now teach women that they need to be a certain kind of way in order to get attention or be considered valuable…

“I do encourage them to wait but I’m not preachy or religious. I feel like if you have a better sense of self and you love yourself the right person will wait for you…

“For my marriage… there was a solid, ‘I could spend the rest of my life with you and you could be my partner on this entire journey – and I respect you and I love you – and then there’s the icing on the cake.”

Asked if she’d go back and take a year-long vow again, she smirks, “It was very much worth the wait!”

Her new book will be released next year (16) just after Valentine’s Day (14Feb16).



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