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Congresswoman Marcia Fudge delivers this week’s CBC Message To America focusing on the plight of children in our country.

Fudge explained to viewers that parents, teachers, students, and community activists tell her the same thing — “children across this country need our help.”

“Our children need better schools, safer neighborhoods, and more healthy foods. Congress should do more to improve the lives of every child,” she said. “It is time we take the necessary steps to prepare our kids for a healthy, safe, and successful future.”

She offered a series of steps we must take in order to make this a reality.

  • Improve our schools through changes to ESA (No Child Left Behind). Rep. Fudge explained that ESA in its current form “drastically cuts education funding, eliminates protections for disabled students, and fails to provide a well-rounded education.”
  • Expand access to healthy foods. According to the USDA, 15.3 million children are food insecure. Many live in food deserts without grocery stores, farmers markets, or a healthy food provider nearby, forcing them to eat fast foods, which lead to bad eating habits and poor health (obesity, diabetes).
  • Keep our children safe by passing comprehensive common sense gun policies that eliminate loopholes, ban assault weapons, ensure full background checks, and place limits on high-capacity magazines.

Hear what else Rep. Marcia Fudge had to say about improving the lives of America’s children in the video above, and find previous CBC Messages To America on YouTube.

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