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Hey Blessed People! And we’re back with another edition of “Church Unconventional”! In this edition, I chatted with the Minister of Youth and Young Adults, Alfonso Campbell III, and Ministry Leader Regina Cox of Zion Baptist Church’s ViZions Young Adult Ministry. We discussed ViZions’ purpose, mission, and upcoming Young Adult weekend which kicks off Friday, November 13th!

How was Zion Baptist Church’s ViZions Young Adult Ministry established?

ViZions was established to create a space for the young adults in the congregation. There was a need amongst the young adults to have something that they could call their own, in a church that had a seasoned demographic.

Tell me about what makes Zion Baptist Church’s Young Adult Ministry unique?

ViZions is unique because it is our aim to be in conversation with what is typically considered taboo in church circles. We follow what we believe is a model of Christ in that He never conformed to the status quo. We realize that the Young Adult community wants to see relevant and fresh ministry that exists both in and outside of the four walls of the church. Furthermore, in following Christ we understand the great commission instructs us to “Go”, not “Wait”, and make disciples. Therefore, through our programming, through our engagement with the community, and even in our fellowship we aim to go and share the good news to all who are willing to listen.

How has the Young Adult Ministry changed over the years?

ViZions’ change has primarily been in how we engage with one another. The ministry was founded before the days of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, but of course, now we are in a social media driven world. Subsequently, we are pushing our ministry to increase its presence in the social media space. We believe if you fuse anything with Godly vibes, it can be used for good. It is our hope that in time we are able to gain a heavy social media presence and impact additional lives.

The ViZions Young Adult Ministry’s weekend begins on Friday, November 13th with “Views of Worship” with musical guest Jeremiah Hicks! Can you give us a sneak into this event, and tell us what else is on tap for the weekend?

Friday night is the kick-off to our Weekend. We have set up an amazing line-up of spoken word artists from across the DMV. Each of them has been uniquely gifted by God to share the gospel through spoken word and we are excited to have them at Zion. On Saturday morning, we’ll be carrying out our 25/35 Vision. In line with Matthew 25:35, we will be putting together brown bag lunches and passing them out to those less fortunate. Sunday morning is HBCU Sunday, which is something Zion has done for many years. It is always fun to see everyone come dressed in his or her college or university gear.

What goals do you hope to achieve through this type of worship experience on Friday? (Because although this is a poetry event, it is most definitely a form of worship)

Our generation has its own voice that is different from the seasoned saints and youth of the church. It is not any better or worse, it’s just a different ‘view of worship.’ It is our prayer that everyone has a better understanding of what that voice sounds like by the end of the night. We also hope to show that church on a Friday night can be fun as well!!

What is the mission of ViZions Young Adult Ministry, and what goals do you hope to achieve through it as a church?

The mission of ViZions is three-fold. We want to help young adults build their connection with Christ, their culture, and their community. In building our connection with Christ, we are helping each other grow in our relationship with Christ, understanding that the busyness of life can buffer our connections with Him. Through our culture, we adopt the words of Dr. Jeremiah Wright, that while we are unashamedly Christian we are also unapologetically Black. We want to embrace who we are by embracing our Christian identity and our black culture. And with our connection to our community, we know here on earth we are called not to be served but to serve. Jesus led a service driven lifestyle and we also want to build a ministry of servant leaders.

How can people find out more about what’s happening with Zion Baptist Church’s ViZions Young Adult ministry and upcoming events?

You can find out more about our ministry via the church website at You can also find us on FB @ViZion’s Young Adult Ministry or on Instagram @vizionsyam.

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