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Dr.King started his ministry in Ebenezer Baptist Church, located in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a minster first. The public came to know him because he pursued freedom. He wanted God’s people to have the respect and love that they were created and endowed with. Each year, there are pastor’s who rise to the occasion to take the mantle and help Christ’s sheep.

Martin as a pastor  understood Jesus’s message of delivering people from the chains of the world’s sufferings. He healed their souls nut often dealt with their social infirmities. These are the four pastors  taking on the social struggles Jesus would have faced.

These are the pastors who are wearing the Shepherds Mantle passed on by Dr.King.

Minister To The Disconnected

Rev. Dr. Raphael Gamaliel Warnock is the new pastor  and heir to Ebenezer Baptist Church.He served for six years as the Youth Pastor and four years as Assistant Pastor at the historic Abyssinian Baptist Church of New York City – also one of the nation’s leading congregations. Finally, before taking the helm of Ebenezer, Pastor Warnock immersed himself further in the challenges of urban ministry, in the 21stcentury, while serving for 4 ½ years as the Senior Pastor of Baltimore’s Douglas Memorial Community Church, also a spiritual base of social activism.  The church has as active ministry that serves. This past summer they offered free haircuts to men while ministering to their hearts.

Minister to The Poorest of The Poor

Rudy Rasmus is a pastor, author, and global humanitarian with a passion for outreach to the world’s poorest citizens.Pastor Rudy founded the Bread of Life, Inc. (a not for profit corporation) with Juanita in December of 1992 and began serving dinners to the homeless in the sanctuary at St. John’s. Years later the Bread of Life has changed the landscape of Downtown Houston providing an array of services to homeless men and women seven nights a week in the Bread of Life facility on the St. John’s campus.

Minister to Sinners Where They Are

Pastor DeVon Franklin ministers to Hollywood. He is using the medium of film and Hollywood to reach souls.  He never judges them and has given us movies that can touch hearts. He affirms that  If he’s not following the example Christ led of being of service, then what does it all matter? So he tries to look at it from a very practical light. As a Christian, it’s not just about what you believe, but also how you act. DeVon has said:

Regardless of race, ethnicity, religious belief or gender, the whole goal, especially in the films that I try to put together and push through the system, are films that can tackle that universal experience of life and at the same time find an element that can be inspirational. So with Heaven is for Real, we approached it from [the perspective of] making a movie for everybody.

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