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In just a couple days the climax of the National Football League season, the Superbowl, will be here. While the game and the half time performance and undoubtedly the stars of the show, there is one other major player in this game, the commercials. In fact, this may be the one time of year when viewers find themselves glued to the television in anticipation of the commercials! Well, this year, Pantene has decided to get a head start on the commercial fun. They have unleashed a creative monster with their wildly popular Dad-do commercials. They make your heart swell, a tear fall, and an joyful chuckle happen all at the same time. In honor of all the amazing Black fathers out there, check out Dad-do #1 & Dad-do #4 by DeAngelo Williams of the Pittsburgh by clicking the links below!

Dad-do #1

Dad-do #4