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Attorney General Loretta Lynch has pulled her name from the pool of possible nominees to the Supreme Court Tuesday, asking that she “not be considered” for the seat, the Justice Department confirmed.

The spot was previously occupied by Justice Antonin Scalia, who died during a trip to Texas on Feb. 13.

According to NBC News:

Administration insiders had concluded more than a week ago that Lynch’s nomination would create an opening for Senate Republicans to demand Justice Department documents on pending investigations, and it was therefore considered a non-starter.

In a statement released Tuesday, the DOJ explained that nomination limitations might “curtail [Lynch’s] effectiveness in her current role.”

“Given the urgent issues before the Department of Justice, she asked not to be considered for the position. While she is deeply grateful for the support and good wishes of all those who suggested her as a potential nominee, she is honored to serve as Attorney General, and she is fully committed to carrying out the work of the Department of Justice for the remainder of her term.”

Since Scalia’s death, Lynch’s name is one of many that have been thrown into consideration.



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