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Have you ever been so discouraged that you didn’t see the point in trying anymore? Ever felt like you’ve been so down and out that you literally didn’t think you could ever see the light at the end of the tunnel? Why should you keep going…why should you keep pressing on? I’ll tell you why! Because the fact that you’re even here on this Earth to have those thoughts is a miracle in and of itself. You’re here because God’s work is intentional! You have a purpose that God has tasked you, and only YOU, with completing before you leave this world. That purpose is unique to you. You know what that means? God is going to see to it that you have what you need to do His work! That means that what God has for you can only be for you. You don’t have to compete with your fellow man for things that weren’t meant for you and your life’s purpose. So when you’re down, praise Him! Need a little more encouragement? Try making a music playlist that will give me the boost you need. Here’s mine…

  1. J Moss – “God’s Got It”
  2. Travis Greene – “He’s Intentional”
  3. Anything by Kim Burrell (I love “I Come to You More Than I Give” from Everlasting Life!)
  4. Marvin Sapp – “Never Would Have Made It”
  5. Echelon Knoxx – “Concrete Roses”
  6. Kirk Whalum feat. Lalah Hathaway – “He’s Been Just That Good”
  7. The Clark Sisters – “Blessed and Highly Favored”
  8. William Murphy – “It’s Working”
  9. J Moss – “Restored”
  10. Chelsey Green and the Green Project – “My Tribute (To God Be the Glory)”

I hope my will help to give you a little inspiration when you’re on the verve of giving up. Try compiling your own “Praise Him Playlist” TODAY! You’re closer than you think to finding God’s purpose for your life. Just stay prayed up and keep God first and everything else will follow. As I minister to you, I minister to myself.