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Ben Carson Thinks Harriet Tubman Should Be On The $2 Bill Not The $20 Bill

One of the biggest news stories of the day, which seemed to be cause for celebration was over the announcement that Harriet Tubman would be replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Former Republican Presidential candidate, Ben Carson had to have the controversial and asinine opinion that Tubman is undeserving of the honor. During an interview on the Fox Business Network, Carson told host Neil Cavuto, “I love Harriet Tubman, I love what she did, but we can find another way to honor her. Maybe a $2 bill.” Carson is in favor of keeping Jackson on the bill who was as known for his politics as he was for being a slave owner. The retired neurosurgeon chose to highlight Jackson’s accomplishments,”He was a tremendous president…Andrew Jackson was the last president who actually balanced the federal budget, where we had no national debt.” CNN

Mother Photoshops Bruises On Infant In Efforts To Solicit Money

Taylor Tibbetts claims she was struggling financially to take care of her 3-year-old son as she and the father of her baby, Bryant Clark, were in the midst of a custody battle. The New Hampshire mother created a GoFundMe page in efforts to raise $3,500. She posted photos on the page of her infant with bruises on his face and his ribs. Police investigated the alleged abuse and found that she had photoshopped the images. Allegedly, the 20-year-old woman was trying to substantiate the repeated claims of abuse that she had made over the course of three years. Clark called Tibbetts actions “sick and twisted.” Tibbetts has since been arrested and charged with one count of false reporting. NY Daily News

Whole Foods Countersues Over Alleged Gay Slur

Jordan Brown said he ordered a cake from Whole Foods with the words “Love Wins”. However, the Austin, TX pastor claims to have received “Love Wins Fag”. Brown took to social media to express his outrage over the gay slur and he’s since filed a lawsuit with the grocer citing emotional damage. Upon the virality of Brown’s claims, Whole Foods has since released the surveillance from the day that Brown purchased the cake in efforts to proof that he tampered with the box. The footage shows the cashier scanning a UPC code on top of the box but Brown’s UPC code is on the side of the box. The grocer claims that not only are they support the LGBTQ community, the baker that prepared Brown’s cake identifies as such. “After a deeper investigation of Mr. Brown’s claim, we believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Mr. Brown and his attorney,” Whole Foods said in a statement. Huffington Post

Teen Apprehended For Suspected Robbery 

On the morning of April 20th around 11am, a young man reportedly entered the Jewelry Galore store in Dallas, TX. The assailant put his arm around an employee’s neck, threatening her with a large kitchen knife. He stole the cash in the register before fleeing on foot. Soon after, police were able to find the 14-year-old walking in proximity to the store. He had two BB guns in his possession in addition to the large kitchen knife, cash and duct tape. He was charged with aggravated robbery of a business and attempted sexual assault. Dallas News


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