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Hero! Milwaukee Bus Driver Helps 15-Year-Old Girl Escape Man Following Her

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin bus driver may be the city’s hero of the year for saving a 15-year-old girl from being kidnapped from a stranger. According to TMJ 4 News, Sharon Chambers was driving her regular route when she saw a young girl waving her down for help.

“I thought she was just running to catch the bus, but as she walked in front of the bus I noticed she was crying,” Chambers told TMJ 4 News. “I told her to get on the bus and let her know no one was going to mess with her on my bus.”

When the teen told Chambers that a strange man had been harassing her and even tried to pull her into his car.  Soon after hearing this story, the bus driver called the police and assured the young girl that everything was going to be alright. Surveillance video taped the driver saying, “You are safe. I will fight for you; no one is going to hurt you.”

She later called the teen’s grandmother to let her know what had happened. Talk about above and beyond.

“The world today is just terrible,”Chambers told the local news station. “There’s a lot happening, and for it to be right in my face like that, it was scary. But I wanted her to know that I was there for her.”

Sharon Chambers is a reminder of the greatness and empathy that everyday people can possess.

Big Sean Donates 25K to Help Fight Student Homelessness 

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Source: Larry Busacca/MTV1415 / Getty

Big Sean is one who puts his money where his mouth is.

According to Blavity, the Grammy-nominated rapper recently donated a whopping $25K to help college students who are struggling with housing. Through the help of his organization the Sean Anderson Foundation and the Detroit’s Wayne State University’s HIGH (Helping Individuals Go Higher), these funds will “provide short-term support to Wayne State students experiencing homelessness or precarious housing situations.”

In an interview, his mother, Myra Anderson is the president of the foundation, stressed how the two hope to improve students’ lives. “We see the HIGH Program as an important component of ensuring success at Wayne State, and we are proud to help strengthen its mission,” she said in a statement.

“We aim to boost graduation rates at the university by providing support to students facing hardship,” she added.

We see you and appreciate you Sean!

Woman Claims Minnesota Salon Said Her Hair Was ‘An Animal That Can’t Be Tamed’

Her beauty is refreshing

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Many of us naturals can understand that fear of going to a new hairdresser and having that anxiety of having our hair judged. But one Minnesota woman claims a recent experience at a local salon transcended her own fear–it was just downright disrespectful and racist. 

According to City Pages, Bianca Dawkins said she called ahead to the Denny Kemp Salon and Spa in Minneapolis to let them know what she needed–a wash and blowout. She also stressed that her hair was “textured.” Yet despite giving the salon a heads up, she claims that when she got to the salon for her appointment, her assigned stylist was in over her head–and let Dawkins know it by grabbing some of her hair telling her it was “an animal that can’t be tamed.”

Later, she says, he brought around a handful of other staff to look at Dawkins’ curls. None was up to the task, the website noted.


Dawkins was visibly upset and asked ,”So, what? Black girls can’t come in here and get their hair done?”  And to her horror, she said the stylist replied, “Well, it isn’t the 1950s or ’60s, where we can just put up a sign in the window.”

The nerve!

Dawkins walked out sickened by having to defend her humanity and later blasted the salon on social media, which forced the owner to release this statement.

“Though we believe that our stylist meant no harm and simply spoke inarticulately. His words were perceived as hurtful and completely contrary to what our salon stands for,” he wrote.

Sadly in 2016, we gotta remind folks that #BlackHairMatters too.

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