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A San Diego woman was shot and killed earlier this month by her boyfriend in front of her 11-month-old baby and 5-year-old son.

Vanessa Marie Bobo was killed in the apartment she shared with 32-year-old Roderick Harris, a former security guard who pleaded not guilty Tuesday to one charge of murder. Police say Bobo’s 5-year-old son witnessed the shooting, during which the mother held her 11-month-old boy. He also helped police identify Harris as the suspect, the Daily Mail reports.

According to reports, Harris shot at Bobo twice with a .357-caliber revolver, hitting a neighbor’s wall with one bullet and Bobo’s spinal cord with the other. When police got to the scene, the mother of two was already dead, and the children were on the floor crying, yet unharmed. Harris reportedly remained at large for nearly 12 hours before being arrested at a relative’s home.

He took to Facebook to vent about his regret and how he had reached a ‘breaking point,’ saying, Sorry for what it looks like but I had a breaking point emotional abuse and cheated and lied and always under the threat of losing my child I guess in the end I still lose.” He also wrote to his son, “Love you. I was always there just so you know.”

Vanessa Bobo’s family created a GoFundMe page to help raise money for her sons.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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