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In April for the Primary Election in Baltimore, there were issues at the Polls. From some ballots not being counted to there not being enough election judges because of “no shows”, created as issue. With us being 2 weeks away from the Presidential election, citizens are worried about more issues at the polls.

According to Maryland State Law, election judges must received training. On Monday, 4200 people had signed to be Election judges for November 8th election. Unfortunately, only 2700 people have done the required training. Election Director, Armstead Jones, told Fox 45 that “I think the biggest hurdle is just for those who made the commitment, to show up and fulfill the obligation that they have committed themselves too, that’s very important.”

Election Judges are paid a nice amount. They’re given $165 a day, plus they receive paid training. You would think they get their training and show up. The lack of training thus far has lots of residents nervous about the pending election. How do you feel about the election? Do you have faith that the judges will show up? Do you feel this election process will be smooth sailing?

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