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Election Day 2016: Donald Trump Speaks After Becoming 45th President

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

Anger, frustration and fear took over many Americans after Donald Trump‘s shocking presidential victory.

The surprising win sparked protests across America, with some demonstrators setting trash on fire, smashing windows, and burning the U.S. flag. Many Hillary Clinton supporters gathered outside of the White House in the expectation of a Democratic success, but ended the night feeling disheartened.

Around 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, a young man in a red Make America Great Again hat reportedly climbed a tree by the White House gate and shouted, “Donald Trump is the next president of our country,” to which rival candidate supporters began to chant back, “F*** Donald Trump, F*** Donald Trump.”

Angry scenes even erupted on college campuses, where students were stunned by the election results, according to the Daily Mail. Hundreds of people on California college campuses and in Oregon marched against the Republican’s election in the early morning hours. Police say at least 500 people swarmed the streets in and around UCLA early Wednesday morning, with some shouting “not our President.”

Mayhem ensued in Oakland, with more than 100 protesters hitting the streets. Some even smashed windows of the Oakland Tribune newsroom and set tires and trash on fire. In Oregon, dozens of people blocked traffic in downtown Portland and forced a delay for trains on two light rail lines.

Pittsburgh students also hit the streets, chanting, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.” According to reports, anti-racist protesters in London are set to stage a demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy following the result. Sabby Dhalu, co-convener of the Stand up to Racism group, said, “Donald Trump used the oldest trick in the book – he stirred up fear and racism in the context of a stagnant economy and the resulting fall in living standards – to mobilise a vote for him. The danger now is racists across the globe feel emboldened by Donald Trump’s victory and racism and sexism become normalised through the most powerful figure in the world. We call on anti-racists and all progressives to join us tonight outside the US Embassy.”

What a nightmare.

SOURCE: Daily Mail 

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